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Manual Start Portable High Pressure Washer , 13HP 3600PSI Gasoline garden pressure washer
  • Manual Start Portable High Pressure Washer , 13HP 3600PSI Gasoline garden pressure washer

Manual Start Portable High Pressure Washer , 13HP 3600PSI Gasoline garden pressure washer

Place of Origin China
Brand Name TECHWAY
Certification CE
Model Number TW-250A
Product Details
Product Name:
Gasoline High Pressure Washer
Hose Power:
Flow Rate:
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high pressure washer machine


small electric pressure washer

Product Description

13HP 3600PSI Gasoline Manual Push Manual Start High Pressure Washer




Model Max Pressure Flow Rate Power R.P.M G.W Dimensions Container loading
  Bar PSI LPM GPM HP R.P.M Kg L*W*H(CM) 20' 40'
TW-130A 130 1900 6 1.6 2.4 3400 29 49x46x49 240 600
TW-130B 130 1900 6 1.6 2.4 3400 19 42x38x44 420 1008
TW-170A 150 2200 9.2 2.4 5.5 3400 37 52x46x51 200 550
TW-170B 150 2200 9.2 2.4 5.5 3400 37 71x45x51 160 400
TW-170C 150 2200 9.2 2.4 5.5 3400 41 58x42x52 260 560
TW-180A 180 2600 10 2.7 6.5 3400 38 52x46x51 220 550
TW-180B 180 2600 10 2.7 6.5 3400 38 71x45x51 160 400
TW-180C 180 2600 10 2.7 6.5 3400 42 58x42x52 260 560
TW-200A 200 2900 15 4 9 3400 60 73x48x62 120 320
TW-200B 200 2900 15 4 9 3400 60 77x52x59 132 246
TW-250A 250 3600 15 4 13 3400 70 73x48x62 120 320
TW-250B 250 3600 15 4 13 3400 78 77x52x59 132 246


Standard features

13HP gasoline engine with low oil protection

Heavy-duty grade direct drive brass main fold triplex pump,

pressure adjustable.

6mm x 8m high-pressure hose,22x1.5in. QD.

Quick disconnect nozzle tips size 4.0, spray patterns 0, 15, 25, 40

and soap.

Professional trigger gun with safety-lock and 20inch stainless steel

Wand with 1/4inch quick connect.

Pneumatic wheels.

Powder coating heavy-duty four wheel frame.

Down stream low pressure detergent injector.


Gasoline High pressure washer machine

Detailed Description:

1. Performed, Stable OHV Engine

2. Friendly Environmental, Lower Emission

3. Commercial& Industrial Triplex Plunger Pump.

4. Brass Forged Cylinder, Ceramic Plunger

5. 4-Mode Nozzles, 0° ,25°, 45°, Detergent Applied

6. 8-10M High-pressure Hose

7. Stable Trigger Gun, Protection Lock Mounted

8. Wheel Mounted, Easy to Move

9. Powder-Coated Firm Frame , Nice Appearance

10.Stainless Steel Cover, Color Optional

11.Easy to operate, Maintain

12.Safety Always First

13.Accessory Service Available


1.Municipal Environmental Cleaning

2.Woodworking, Stone Factory


4.House hold General Cleaning

5.Car Cleaning

Working display:

Powerful and Stable for High Performance Washing







We support to arrange delivery to buyer’s destination by Air, by Sea, or Express.

We normally send goods from Shanghai or Ningbo. If from other port, we will charge for logistic fee, the cost is depends on the delivery distance.

We suggest buyer to make insurance for goods, to avoid any loss in transportation.



What you should know about high pressure washer


CU(cleaning unit )=PSI(pounds per square inch)*GPM(gallons per minute)


CU(cleaning unit ):cleaning unit is multiplying PSI by GPM, useful comparing models , the higher CU the more cleaning power your pressure washer has .


PSI(pounds per square inch):A pressure washer’ PSI rating is the maximum amount of force (pressure ) discharged by the pressure washer .The higher the PSI, the more cleaning power available and the more things you will be able to clean .


GPM(gallons per minute):A pressure washer’s GPM rating refers to the water flow during one minute of operation . The higher the GPM , the faster you will be able to clean .


Operator errors of high pressure washer that will cost you much money


Cause 1. Running the pressure washer without water


Normally this will destroy the pressure water pump within minutes.


Cause 2.Running the pressure washer in extended by-pass


By-pass is when the pressure in on , and the trigger is off the water is re-circulating inside the pump manifold , the water temperature builds as time goes on . It is not allow to lets the unit run in by-pas for more than five minutes . This is because the heat buildup quickly damages the pump. Therefore , you have to run off the pressure washer every time you are not going to be spraying , even for some unit that installed with a thermal relief valve that will release the hot water and the pump feed with cold water to cooling down .


Cause 3.Cavitation


Cavitation is caused by air getting into your pump .The air can damage your pump as it rapidly expands and contracts . The first sign of cavitation is loss of pressure and a hammering noise. The cause of cavitation is lack of water or air getting into the system .For example , your pressure washer is rated for 4.0GPM but the inlet hoes only provides 3 GPM, then the pressure washer pump will try to pumping 4.0GPM.The suction due to the lack of water will pull in air and cause cavitation. The only solution to cavitaion is to feed your pump the required amount of water and to make sure there are no leaks in the water inlet system .


Cause 4.Freezing


In the winter the water left in the pump after use will freeze and possibility of damage to the pump .The typical remedy for this is putting anti-freeze in the pump .So always keep the pump run for a extra seconds and pump our the excess water .


Cause 5.No lubrication and lack of lubrication


High-pressure pumps, like gasoline engines , required oil to lubricate transmission mechanism , the crankshaft, connecting rod and plungers . The oil is needed to keep the pump parts cool and turning freely . No oil and low oil will causes permanent damage to the pump. When the oil leak out , or water gets into the pump oil , the pump parts will overheat and begin to break apart. Always check your oil level and maintain the correct amount and type of oil in the pump to prevent damage .




Comparison of different kind of high pressure washer


Direct –drive Gas high Pressure Washer


A “Direct Drive “ pump has a hollow shaft , which simply slides onto the drive shaft of a engine and the flange on the pump is mounted to the face of the engine , so the pump spins at the same speed as the engine—typically 3,600RPM.This system has the advantage of being simple , with few moving parts , and therefore is less expensive .The disadvantage is by having the pump spin as much as the engine the bearings get more war and tear , reducing the life span of the pump .


Belt –drive Gas high Pressure Washer


Belt-drive units use pulleys and belts to slow the speed of the pump . Where the engine spins as 3,600 RPM the pump will be slowed from 1,100 to 1,600 RPM depending on the pulley and belt set up. This system ensures long pump life because the bearings do not get as much wear and the pump is isolated from the heat for engine , being separated by the belts and pulleys . The disadvantage of this system is there is some loss of efficiency due to the additional frication from the blest and pulleys and more maintenance required adjusting the belts .


Gear-drive gas high pressure washer


Gear-drive units use an extra gear-reduction system installed between engine and pump , Gear Drive installation will not only keep the heat transfer down , but also make the pump turn at half speed which will result in longer life of the pump bearings and seals . Compared with belt drive system , the gear drive unit features more compact and less efficiency loss . This consequently makes such machines industrial and allows the pump continuously running .


13HP 3600PSI Gasoline Manual Push Manual Start High Pressure Washer




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